Our Story

Our founder, Gavin Cox, spent much of his younger years in the same place that all of our Cacao is lovingly grown - South America. So when developing Cox&Co., he knew that to create the best tasting chocolate, above all else he had to use what he feels is the best Cacao in the world, and it had to be produced as ethically as possible. 
Working with business partners to develop not only the best flavour combinations, but also how to make this a bar of chocolate to feel good about, Gavin decided to work with Luker Chocolate, an estate in Colombia. Luker Chocolate invest in their farmers, communities and have developed environmentally sustainable farming methods, meaning that Cox&Co. could guarantee all of their cacao was fully traceable, slave labour free and tasted incredible.
From start to finish, Cox&Co has been focused on producing chocolate that doesn’t make people choose between being ethical or enjoying an indulgent treat; this is a chocolate range that places equal importance on both. All of the packaging used is fully sustainable, plant based and fully recyclable or home compostable.
It’s a treat that you can feel great about enjoying. 
We would also like to say thank you to Dawn (Gavin’s Mother-in-law) for all the original artwork that you can see on the Cox&Co. packaging. For more about Dawn and the amazing work she does please click here.